Dave Inder Comar

I’m Dave Inder Comar. I am a business and human rights attorney.


My business law practice focuses on technology, investment, and corporate governance.

My human rights practice focuses on climate change, international conflict, and the laws of war (jus ad bellum and the crime of aggression).


The ways in which we do business must change to avert an imminent breakdown of our climate system and global civilization.


Here on my website you can learn more about my work, the way I think, and some of my writings.

My life’s work is fighting the Great Extinction Event now taking place—the sixth in Earth’s history—and to preserve what we can of human rights and civilization in that process.

Grave and terrible changes are taking place because of global warming: changes that will make the planet much warmer, with greater weather extremes and much higher sea levels.

Even as these events take place, governments continue to war with each other, with the threat of nuclear annihilation at an all time high. 

We need a different way.

Those of us who are alive today, at these times of incredible change: I believe that we are the last hope for humanity.

I believe we are alive today to push humanity into a better direction—a Golden Age.

Together, we can build peace and sustainability.

Humanity must change, or it will not survive this century.

Memento mori

Dave Inder Comar


I hope you can be inspired to make a difference. I hope you can be inspired to find your own Life’s Work and build a Golden Age.


My Life’s Work



die a good death

My upcoming book. In progress. Coming soon.




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