InderComar offers empowerment and enlightenment for people who are discovering their Life's Work and embarking on a personal journey that can help build peace and environmental harmony.

My name is Inder Comar. I am a corporate attorney, a non-profit executive director, and an international fixer. On this website, I write about what it means to undertake a personal journey to uncover your Life's Work. In finding a Life's Work--a larger, spiritual mission that is unique to every one--any given person can become a hero and help build peace and environmental harmony in an increasingly troubled time.

It is no longer possible to sit by and watch other people push the world into chaos. Good hearted, hard-working people must jump into the present, uncover the reason for why they are here at this time, and push the Earth in the direction of progress, betterment, and evolution. The alternative is to watch things get worse, not better.

The views on this site are totally separate from my business and non-profit activities and should not be imputed to them at all.

I am an experienced and accomplished entrepreneur and corporate attorney.

I am the founder, managing partner and legal director of Comar LLP, a corporate law firm that provides creative and objective counsel at the new frontiers of business. Our clients include tech companies, creative agencies, social communities, social enterprises, angel investors and brand-name VC funds. We do both corporate counseling as well as corporate litigation. I have been running and managing the practice since 2010. As an entrepreneur, I know first hand the rigours of starting and running a business. It has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but I wouldn't trade in the experience for anything, and I am proud of what we've been able to build over the years. My journey with entrepreneurship has been invaluable as a tool of personal discovery, and in thinking about what it is I am here to do.

I am a rule of law advocate. 

I am the founder and executive director of Just Atonement, a legal nonprofit dedicated to checking executive power in the realms of war and peace and climate change. The genesis of Just Atonement was a case I accepted in 2013 involving the issue of the legality of the Iraq War -- Saleh v. Bush. To my knowledge it is the first U.S. lawsuit to allege the Nuremberg-era "crime of aggression" against government leader defendants, and the only case to have argued that the Iraq War was violation of international and domestic law under the Nuremberg holdings. The case ended on appeal in February 2017; nonetheless, I established the nonprofit to continue the mission of advancing the rule of law on issues of war and peace, as well as global warming and climate change. 

I am a fixer in the international arena.

I am a fixer for international problems. My clients are usually organizations, government agencies or political actors who are in a dispute with someone or something else that has an international policy angle or implications, and need someone who can provide assistance in fixing the problem.

My main tools are my reputation for complete discretion, tact, trust, and creative solutions to tough problems. I am an honest broker and the day I stop to be one is the day I stop doing this work.

I started getting into fixing recently, and mostly a product of my career as a corporate lawyer with a deep interest in international law and governance. 


The photo was taken by Winni Wintermeyer and I am using the photo with his permission.