The Path of the Hero

The world is in bad shape, and experts think that things will get worse.

We are in the midst of the Holocene Extinction, the sixth extinction event in Earth's history.

We are also witnessing changes to the Earth because of climate change: changes that will make the planet much warmer, with greater weather extremes and much higher sea levels.

Even as these events take place, governments continue to war with each other, with the threat of nuclear annihilation at an all time high. 

We need a different way.

And we must rebel from our current, flawed destiny.

That new way is the Path of the Hero

Every person alive today is alive for a reason.

Every person can become a Hero to help change the destiny of our shared planet and our civilization.

It is possible to become a Hero through a life long cultivation of a Life's Work.

Those of us who are alive at this time are here because every one of us is a potential hero with a unique power that will be needed to build peace and environmental sustainability in the decades to come.

Any capable person must look deeply into themselves and to ask themselves a simple question: Why am I here? What am I here to do? What is my Life's Work, and what do I want to leave behind when I'm no longer here?

I define "Life's Work" to mean the positive and unique legacy that any person can leave behind after they are gone. When we speak of famous artists, their Life's Work is easy to identify -- Shakespeare's plays, Mozart's concertos, Lennon's lyrics.

But we can also speak of the Life's Work of people like Gandhi, Einstein, and King -- people whose moral compass and capacity to be true to themselves left the world a much better place, and who also provided an example for those who wanted to accomplish their own Life's Work.

The fact of the matter is that many of our cultural traditions (whether they are political, environmental, social or spiritual) are struggling to understand the problems of the day. How can they offer good solutions if they don't even understand the problems?

When you are focused on a Life's Work, you are focused on your long term journey here on planet Earth.

Every day becomes a small but critical and essential component of a larger, grander framework and project that will encompass an entire lifetime.

When you start to look at life in that way, day-to-day projects start to change and the important things take on greater urgency. You start to realize how much power you have to make meaningful changes to your life, to the lives of other people, and to the planet more generally. You start to realize how much of a difference you can make, and how empowered you are to help other people. It is possible to derive a lot of happiness in life simply by helping others.

In this way, the deepest crisis to ever confront the human species becomes the incubator for tremendous spiritual growth amongst humanity, and a potential crucible for the development of a human species that is far more enlightened and capable that any before in history.

It is only by being tested, that someone can discover their power. 

It is only be rebelling, that a person can discover truth.

 It is only through confronting fear that a person can discover courage and strength.

It is only because of darkness that the light can discover how brightly it can shine.