Become The Leader You Were Meant To Be

We are living in an extinction event.

We are in the midst of the Holocene Extinction, the Sixth Great Extinction in Earth's history.

The odds are quite high that unless things change, humanity will go extinct in just a few hundred years. Perhaps sooner.

We need a different way.

And we must rebel from our current, flawed destiny.

We need a new philosophy of leadership.

I believe that every person alive today is alive for a reason.

And that we all have the ability to alter our shared, flawed destiny, in favor of a Golden Age.

I give advice to people on becoming the leaders they were meant to be.

I work with:

  • University graduates who understand how bad things, but don’t know what to do next professionally

  • Professionals who are frustrated with their personal, spiritual and business lives and know they were meant for something great

  • People in leadership roles, who are aware of the challenges at hand, but struggle with what to do next.

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