The Path of the Hero


The Path of the Hero

The world is in bad shape, and experts think that things will get worse.

We are in the midst of the Holocene Extinction, the sixth extinction event in Earth's history.

We are also witnessing changes to the Earth because of climate change: changes that will make the planet much warmer, with greater weather extremes and much higher sea levels.

Even as these events take place, governments continue to war with each other, with the threat of nuclear annihilation at an all time high. 

We need a different way.

That way is the Path of the Hero

Every person alive today is alive for a reason.

Every person can become a Hero to help change the destiny of our shared planet and our civilization.

It is possible to become a Hero through a life long cultivation of a Life's Work. A Life's Work is the larger purpose for why you are here at this time.

These are some articles I have written to outline basic concepts of the path of the Hero.

If you read and understand these articles, you are well on your way towards becoming a Hero and if you wish, joining the Order of Guardians.