The challenge of thinking for yourself

People who take the time to think for themselves and to question majority thinking and the status quo are generally shunned. This has been true throughout history. And it is true today.

Don't think for a second that technology or the internet has changed this reality. Corporate control over technology has, in many ways, made it even easier for powerful interests to flood and control the way we all think through various forms of propaganda. 

You should think about human thinking and consciousness like a wave. Majority, "groupthink" thinking is a wavelength that most people sync with, unconsciously, without thinking. They hand over their ability to critically think to the easy conformity that comes with having other people think for them. They become little more than automatons, taking orders from others, loving and hating as commanded. They are sheep.



When you start to uncover your Life's Work, and to explore what it is you are here to do, you will inevitably discover that your passions, interests, and life goals may put you out of sync with the way that the rest of the world thinks and operates. The wavelength of your consciousness will literally uncouple itself from the majority, groupthink wavelength that dominates and controls most people. You will literally start to march to a different tune. 

This decoupling process, and ignition of your own capacity to think for yourself, and to create and determine your own destiny, is a wonderful thing. It is like a second birthing process. You will discover that there are parts of your brain that will start to work for the first time, providing you access to previously undiscovered mental capacities for deduction, logic, creative thinking and intuition. The power of the mind will unlock.

And you will also discover that by thinking for yourself, you will become a threat and danger to a lot of other people. The forces of domination and control that populate our societies cannot stand deviation or free thinking -- it threatens their power. The more people who free themselves from conformity, who start to ask questions, who start to build peace and environmental sustainability through the cultivation of their Life's Work: these people are all threats.

If you want to measure the threat of any given idea to those in power, look to see how the powerful react to any specific form of non-violent dissent. Look to see how they disparage, ridicule, and castigate those using non-violent activism. The greater the intolerance for any form of peaceful dissent, the greater the ability of that dissent to subvert and challenge those with power. 

One of the many fears that people have when they start to cultivate their Life's Work is the fear of non-conformity. They are afraid that by being different, and by doing different things, they will be subject to exclusion and harassment because they are not conforming to the status quo. This is a very legitimate fear, and it is a fear that ultimately needs to be addressed by those who walk their own paths. It is one of the challenges that goes hand-in-hand with walking the path of a Life's Work. 

In later blogs, I'll discuss how people can effectively learn to deal and manage the many challenges that come through cultivating a Life's Work. Check back for further updates.