The two roads that confront the world

There are two roads that confront the world. 

One road is the "business as usual" road. This is the road we are now walking. It is a road filled with great troubles.

It is a road where democracy is in decline, in favor of strongmen, and where governments are increasingly right-wing and openly fascist. 

It is a road where the environment is increasingly haywire, a world with increased global temperatures, rising seas, and the specter of catastrophic climate change.

It is a road filled with anxiety, stress, and mental illness, as good, decent people are forced to confront existential challenges and grave personal, social and global threats by themselves, without the support or even the language to describe the deep anguish of the day.

This is not a road we should be walking. 

It is time to walk another road.



This is a road where fascism is confronted and democracy is restored -- through dialogue, robust civil society, and preparing and distributing a global vision of peace and environmental sustainability. This is all doable and possible.

This is a road where climate change is treated as the existential threat that it is, and where governments at all levels cooperate to implement new economic models that prioritize sustainability and clean energies. This is all doable and possible.

This is a road where we begin to acknowledge and understand that our mental well being is intimately tied to the health of our local communities, our families, and the ability of each one of us to live our lives with an enduring sense of economic security -- I'm talking about health care, education, food and housing. 

We can walk a better road. We can make a difference and create a better future. But to get there, we have to acknowledge the problems with the present. We have to acknowledge that there is something wrong -- deeply wrong -- with the status quo. And that will require all of us asking tough questions about what we are doing in our lives, and how we fit into a larger, grander scheme.

Life has a way of telling each of us that something is wrong. Lingering feelings of discontent, anxiety, and sadness -- we should listen to those feelings. In later blogs, I'll detail how our negative emotions are actually a source of inspiration, and why we need to listen to those feelings in order to discover our Life's Work and help build peace and environmental sustainability.