Victory on the inside

The world needs more heroes. But in today's world, the great battles for our heroes will not be on a battle field. The hero's victories will be on the inside, not the outside.

What do I mean by this?

In ancient myths, heroes battled demons that roamed the land, terrorizing innocent people. The hero would kill the demon and bring peace. 

If only it was this easy today. But today there are no more demons on the outside. The demons are on the inside. They reside in all of us.


These demons are our fears, our anxieties, our dark sides. We all have those things.

For most of us today, we live in an uneasy tension with this darker and more demonic side of our personalities. When they arise and cause us damage and harm, we turn to distractions or numbing agents. But we never really address the fact that we live with these things, dealing with them daily. They are there, like an occupying force. And we are never really fully in charge of our consciousness. 

The heroes of today are those who understand that to change the world, you have to change yourself. And changing yourself requires confronting your dark side, your demons, your fears your anxieties -- battling those things, and ultimately emerging victorious over them.

Thus, the great heroic battles must take place on the inside, in our inner consciousness, not in the outside world.

What are the tools of the heroes of today? The tools are ancient ones: meditation, discipline, and courage. And of these three, courage is the most important. A person with courage will develop meditation and discipline. But without courage, one does not have the strength to really tackle demons.

The inner demons we all must confront -- they have tools though, as well. Today's world provides them with ample allies. Think of all the distractions that exist today in the forms of technology and social media. Think of all the groupthink and conformity that is foisted on thinking people in the form of nationalism, racism, sexism; any -ism, really. Think of all the numbing agents that people can now rely on to avoid having to deal with their inner demons: mass media, drugs, alcohol. The demons have never had it easier. 

But the strength of our inner demons is an illusion. It always has been, and it always will be. 

The world needs more heroes. Find the courage to become a hero. In later posts, I will detail out the modern hero's journey that is open to all people who wish to change the world. Keep checking back for more updates.