Want to change the world? Change yourself

The world we see today, with all its problems and all its joys, is a reflection of humanity's inner's state.

The things that are good and beautiful were built by people who were motivated by good and beautiful intentions. And the things that are causing havoc and destruction were set in motion by human minds that were in a similar state of turmoil.

I write a lot on this website about the dire state of humanity and the world. These are dangerous times. That much is certain. But my warnings here should not overshadow the fact that the world is also a beautiful place, with a beautiful future -- a future that can be built by all of us, if we are able to get our collective acts together. A Golden Age is possible, if humanity wills it.



The insight that the outer world reflects the state of our collective inner realities provides all of us with a very simple formula: if we want to change the world, the most effective way to do that is to change ourselves. 

When we are at peace with ourselves, and in a state of inner harmony, the things we produce in this world will reflect that peace. Our work and our relationships will start to harmonize and become a thing of beauty. The bad things in our lives will naturally fall away. And we will start to build and attract people, things, and experiences that reflect the peace that we have cultivated on the inside.

Does this mean that our lives will be easy and comfortable? Hardly. Life is filled with a great number of challenges. There will be pain, suffering, disappointment, and heartbreak in our lives, regardless of our inner state. But what will change is our ability to deal with such challenges. And as we cultivate a peace and strong presence inside, life's challenges present themselves almost as deep opportunities for greater transformation.

The seed of intention is what creates the fruit of results. Where the intention is pure, and when it comes from a place of perfect understanding, the results are equally as pure and perfect. This is what those of us who are cultivating our Life's Work should aspire to: pure and perfect intention, founded in pure and perfect inner peace. It is a very high and exacting standard, perhaps an impossible standard. But it is the only real way to change the world.

Keep checking back here for further thoughts on cultivating this inner peace, building a true Life's Work, and changing the world.