Transitioning to the Hero Mind

Too many of us walk this Earth in a state of sleep. I call this the Sleeping Mind. We wake up from our beds, from the REM state, from our dream state, but we are really still asleep. Our consciousness is on an autopilot.

When you live life in the Sleeping Mind, you go through life not thinking about anything, about your real goals, about the consequences of your actions. You act almost in a programmed way. And in a sense, we have all been programmed. We have been programmed by our society, by our parents and teachers, by our governments. We all enjoy the things we are told to enjoy, we hate the things or people we are told to hate, and we go about our days with little understanding of the real nature of existence.

We have to shatter this Sleeping Mind. We have to really wake up. When we really wake up, our brains start to act differently. Our consciousness changes. Instead, we enter something called the Hero Mind.


We would never confuse the dream mind with the Sleeping Mind. The Sleeping Mind still knows enough to know that it is not dreaming at night. It knows those two states are different. And when you enter the Hero Mind, you know you are really thinking differently -- that you are finally awake.

The Hero Mind is the mind that is truly awake, that truly sees, that truly understands. It is a mind that is aware and connected with other things. It is as different from the Sleeping Mind as the Sleeping Mind is from the mind that dreams at night.

How do you transition to the Hero Mind? This can be done only through awareness and attention. You have to learn to observe yourself and to start to understand which of the thoughts that are going through your head are thoughts that have been programmed by someone else, and which thoughts genuinely belong to you. There is a big difference between the two.

When you are worrying and thinking about the thoughts of others, the thoughts that you have been programmed to think, you are not really aware. You are sleeping. You worry that you are not rich enough, pretty enough, successful enough? What does it really mean to be rich, pretty and successful? Who is defining these things? Why are you even worrying about these things at all?

Your mind is a thing of beauty. When left alone, when really awake, its thoughts are truly magnificent. The thoughts of a mind that is awake, that is in the state of a Hero Mind -- that mind can shatter the world. That mind can produce dramatic changes.  This is a mind that is really operating at full capacity. It is analyzing this world that we inhabit, and it is noticing and observing things that have never been observed. It is deducing and forming conclusions that have never been deduced. It is aiming and hitting targets on bulls-eyes that no one else can see. This is what it means to inhabit a Hero Mind.

I know that for many educated people today, they are at their wits end. An unfair economic system has made it impossible to live the so-called "American Dream." Paying off debt, owning a home, health care and education, raising children -- these all seem impossible and completely out of reach. There just doesn't seem to be enough money to do all these things. You can do everything "right," you can play the game exactly as you've been told, but the goal posts keep moving.

It's time to stop playing the game. It's time to do something completely different. This is a time of great challenges to the human race, to consciousness more generally, to the Earth that we all share and inhabit. These challenges are existential in scope. The humans that live after us will very likely live on a planet that will be very different than the Earth we call home. It may be extremely inhospitable. We have no way of really knowing. But we know enough about science to know that it will be different and probably more challenging for humans. Species are dying, sea levels are rising, and in the foreground, humanity continues to war with itself. 

Frustration in our lives comes about because we are living by the expectations of someone else. We must shatter those expectations. We should stop sleeping, and learn to think for ourselves. We must open up to our Hero Mind and discover our Life's Work, and go about cultivating our Life's Work so that we can finally live the life we were born to live. In cultivating our LIfe's Work, we begin to walk down the road towards building peace and environmental sustainability. We return to a state of balance and harmony that is our natural state. We wake up.

In later posts, I'll talk more about exercises and practices that people can do to transition from their Sleeping Mind to the Hero Mind.