Want to feel powerful? Manage your fear

We live in societies that are filled with tremendous amounts of wealth and physical security. Yet more than ever, people are debilitated by fear and anxiety.

There is a lot of science that talks about how our modern societies constantly push our "flight or fight" responses. Unlike a lion on the veldt, modern stressors are ever present, vague, ephemeral, and fairly uncontrollable. Recessions, wars, debt -- just a few of the things that keep many people up at night.


We thus live at a time where there is great fear.

Thus, the only way to feel powerful and dignified in such a time is to learn to manage this fear.

How do you manage this fear? Fear is in the mind, so the answer has to be in the mind as well. Here are some of the things I do to manage my fear:

Meditation -- meditation and yoga have been powerful tools for me to manage my fear. There are some days that are so debilitating, and I will do an hour of breathing and stretching with yoga poses and I feel like a completely different person. I don't claim to know why or what is happening, but just taking a 'time out' is very important. 

Perspective -- we forget how much wealth and security surrounds us. We forget that we live at a time of historical richness -- that many of us live better than kings would have lived just 100 years ago. We can't lose sight of how much wealth and abundance surrounds us, and how much of it we have access to.

Going with the flow -- our expectations about life become our own prisons. The lives we have today probably look very little than what we imagined 10 years ago; and our lives 10 years from now will look very different from what we imagine today. That's ok. Life has its own current, and it is a fool's errand to fight it. Better to go with the flow of things. There are certainly moments where our own energy and intention is critical. Perhaps we need to make an important choice, or life's flow is taking us over a waterfall. Energy and effort is needed at those times, for sure. But otherwise, if we let life do a lot of the heavy lifting, we can discover there isn't that much to actually worry about.