Speaking to Young Professionals, Transitioning Professionals, and Business and Government Leaders

I'm going to be making a much more intentional effort in the New Year to focus the writing here to three super important groups of people -- all of whom I believe are an essential audience and who could make a powerful impact if they walked the Path of the Hero and began uncovering and cultivating their Life's Work. 


Young Professionals are people who are just starting out on their careers and are perhaps discovering a harsh reality that traditional, corporate work does not align with their inner purpose and passions.

Conventional wisdom might be for these Young Professionals to stick it out for a few years, try out corporate work, and then go off to discover their real passions. But I don't think this is true. Building and creating a Life's Work from an early age is not only possible, it is imperative for any young person who wants to have a deep social impact in ways that are just not possible in traditional business paths. 

Transitioning Professionals are people who have worked in a traditional corporate or business environment, maybe for years or even decades, and who are looking to transition into work that is better aligned with who they really are. Transitioning Professionals have learned significant skills and have built important social networks. These skills and networks can be tremendous resources in starting to cultivate and honor a Life's Work.

And finally, Business and Government Leaders are people with some level of responsibility over a group of people -- whether it is a corporate team or government bureaucracy. Like Young Professionals and Transitioning Professionals, Business and Government Leaders are starting to tune into the fact that business-as-usual paradigms are no longer effective strategies, that new thinking is needed to inspire and command, and that the world of tomorrow will look very different -- and devastatingly more harsh -- than the world of today.

If you're a member of one of these groups, I'll be putting out specific and targeted content to help you and others like you start to cultivate a Life's Work. We can all start to build peace and sustainability by focusing on a Life's Work. That is the reason we are here at this time.