The courage to walk a different path

When I talk about pursuing a Life's Work, I mean creating and cultivating a unique life path that fully expresses one's inner talents, capabilities and creativity. In pursuing and creating a Life's Work, a person aligns his or her endeavors with a larger common good, and helps build peace and environmental sustainability.

But creating and pursuing a Life's Work is not something that people are taught to do. In fact, they are taught to do the opposite: to walk a well-defined career path, conform to societal expectations, and make do in that way.

In fact, some of the most successful people in a society--the people with the highest paying jobs, or highest sense of status-- are those people who "played by the rules" for their entire lives. These were the people who studied hard, did what they were told, and took orders from superiors. Risk-taking was beaten out of them; conformity was something to be applauded.

I would tell these people -- either Young Professionals (who are just starting their career) or Transitioning Professionals (people who are several years into a corporate track and are looking for something else) that it is eminently possible to make a change. That it is absolutely the case that you can build a career listening to your heart, and do the things that you know you are here to do. And that by doing those things, you can help build peace and environmental sustainability.


It takes a lot of courage to walk a different path. But it's something I did in my own career, and I know that other people can do it as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to do this. In later posts, I'll explore how people can transition from a traditional corporate path and build a successful career doing what they are here to do.