We are meant to be here at this time

I believe that we who are alive at this time are here because we are meant to be here. That we chose to incarnate at this time because we are the best hope for our descendants. That each of us has a gift and a talent, which, if cultivated and expressed, could meaningfully change the future in a profoundly powerful way.

I have no proof for this belief. But I choose to believe this, because this belief provides me with a sense of power, and a sense of purpose. 

But I also believe that this is the truth. I realize that this sounds mystical to many people. And mysticism can be hard to square with the fact that so much of the troubles presenting the world are grounded in the hard and stubborn science of measuring carbon parts per million. 


It is a remarkably easy thing to box away the dire state of affairs for our Earth and our species. Particularly for people who live in rich countries, it is all too easy to pretend that the ever-warming Earth, and our ever-disintegrating global political system, are casually irrelevant. Many otherwise educated people today are able to carry around a "split mind" with them: some part of them intellectually cognizant of the troubled times we live in, but another part -- the dominant part -- choosing to box away that trouble, pretending like it doesn't exist. 

Willful ignorance is no longer an option. But hopelessness is also not the right answer, either. The answer is understanding that while the challenges of the present are grave, there is no need to be afraid. The human race can meet these challenges. And each of us who is alive today has a role to play in doing that. Each of us can uncover our Life's Work and do our part in building peace and environmental sustainability. That is the reason why we are here at this time. You can choose to be hopeless, or you can choose to feel like you can make a difference. Which will you choose?