What it means to flower as an individual

Every person has the capacity to express a profound beauty that comes from the fullest flowering of their individuality.

We look back at great artists, leaders, scientists and thinkers and we stand in awe of their accomplishments, wondering how they were able to create the things that they did.

We can and should take inspiration from such people. But we should never forget that we are all capable of such powerful human expression, as well.

This is the flowering that comes about through a lifetime dedicated towards cultivating and nurturing a Life's Work.


When we dedicate our attention to our Life's Work, we act as an inner gardener. We remove the weeds and invasive species that come about through stress, cultural expectations, and the unwarranted judgments of others. We make space for the soul to really take root and to express itself, to unfurl and flower and to give the world a unique and unrivaled beauty.

Too many of us don't make time to tend to this garden. We let society's expectations, our own fears and distractions cover over the garden, leaving it fallow. We sleepwalk through life, awake from sleep but never truly awake to the power of our consciousness, stuck in the Sleeping Mind. 

We live in a time of unparalleled wealth. Many of us in rich societies live better than kings would have lived even 100 years ago. We must take advantage of this. We have to wake up, really wake up, and see that we have no choice but to tend to our inner garden and to let our consciousness flower and unfurl so that it can offer its beauty to this universe. In cultivating our Life's Work, we become Guardians of the present, protectors of consciousness and preservers of civilization. We adopt a Hero Mind, taking a stand against the disintegration of the present in favor of a positive future -- a Golden Age.

In this time of rampant corruption, ecological destruction, mass extinction, political chaos and refugee crises -- an ever darker time -- the answer must be to shine ever brighter. 

Look around today and realize how much potential there is to really become the person you were meant to be. Listen to your soul and let it tell you what it needs. Tend to your garden. Let your consciousness take root. Don't be afraid of the inner flower that wants to express itself. The world needs such things.