Our world at a crossroads

Any thinking person understands that our world is at a cross roads. 

"Business as usual" means large-scale environmental and social calamity in the decades to come. 

There is the threat of climate change, which is warming the Earth, producing higher sea levels, and more powerful weather events.

Eventually, as these changes become more dramatic, we will all bear witness to unprecedented people movement--so called "climate refugees"-- as people seek more stable and habitable places to live out their lives.

There is the threat of large-scale extinction. We are in the middle of the Sixth Extinction, meaning that this is the sixth time in Earth's history that life will be wiped out. Scientists also call this the "Holocene Extinction," which refers to the fact that the extinction is being caused by humans. 

In fifty to sixty years time, less than one or two generations, the Earth will look dramatically different. 

The human race is completely unprepared for this. 


How should thinking people deal with all of this?

The answer lies in finding one's Life's Work. 

A "Life's Work" is the positive and unique legacy that any person can leave behind after they are gone.

I believe that those of us who are alive today are here at this time to discover our Life's Work, and that there is a relationship between each person's Life Work, and the fate of the human race. 

In other words, by discovering and engaging in our Life's Work--why we are here at this moment in history--any person can begin to contribute to a positive legacy, a legacy that by its very nature will help build peace and environmental harmony in the decades to come. 

In looking at the crossroads, each of us may be helpless to create "top-down" change. Even the powers of world leaders have their limits; even they are not able to truly make significant changes in order to avoid the catastrophes that lie ahead.

But each of us has tremendous power to create "bottom-up" change. Each of us can respond to the ongoing crises now affecting our planet by asking why we are here, what our purpose is, and what we want to leave behind after we have left the Earth: our Life's Work.

In creating that Life's Work, we actually set the stage for a personal journey that can have a tremendous impact on other people, and for the world. In creating that Life's Work, we are expressing the fact that things are not okay right now and need to change, and that the only way to make that change is through committed personal action. 

There is still time to make a huge difference. We are at the crossroads, not past the crossroads. Each of us can choose a different path and participate in a spiritual and personal quest that lets us not only discover who we really are, but also aids other people and the planet at the same time.

In these times, we can no longer walk down the path of "business as usual." The path of inner discovery, in creating and maintaining a Life's Work: this is the only logical path.