Why I believe in a Golden Age

I believe in the possibility of a Golden Age for humanity. I believe that with the right attitude, the right planning, and the right organizing, we can envision and build a future of plenty, security, and possibility for every person alive today and after.

There are real problems facing the planet at this time. Make no mistake.

But in facing these problems, we should take a perspective of positivity. We should contemplate the good that humanity could accomplish if it could solve those problems.

This is not naive. This is simply a testament to the power and possibility of imagination.



Let me tell you something you probably already know: there are too many people today who are making money and obtaining power by doing the opposite of what I just described, who are in the business of selling and peddling cheap nightmares to the human race.

It is not hard to identify these people. Politicians do this, for sure. There are too many politicians today who are just peddling in nightmares. They are experts at selling manufactured anxieties about immigration, terrorism, foreign nations, people with black or brown skin, gays, communists. The list is endless.

Not just in the U.S. -- also in Europe, even in in Asia and India. This is a worldwide phenomenon. It is a common tactic by those who have nothing to offer, but need to get people to vote for them. So they engage in a type of sorcery, peddling a reality that doesn't exist, in order to attract votes.

A lot on the internet is now a function of nightmares. Entire online sites are now dedicated to selling nightmares. People can live in their own reality bubbles, reading the news that supports their own distorted version of reality, believing what they want to believe, even if truth and reality is something else entirely. 

It is not necessary to believe in nightmares. We can choose to create, organize, and act on positive visions of the future instead of ones based on anxiety and fear. 

It sounds naive to write that a Golden Age is possible. But if it sounds naive, it is because too many of us are dead to the power of imagination. We have become as mechanical and robotic as the machines we use to make a living. We have forgotten that it is only by dreaming that we can shape our own reality. And we have become accustomed to having other people shape our collective realities, and to distort them in the cause of panic, fear, and greed.

When we go about discovering and creating our Life's Work, we start to soon realize the power of imagination, and the power of dreams. Yes, we must be cognizant of the troubled times--and make no mistake, there are many troubles that lie ahead. But there is no reason why such troubles need to lead to poor outcomes. With proper visioning and preparation, such troubles could very well be the challenges that spark much needed changes in human societies, that create the infrastructure for people to have equal access to opportunity and equal dignities in living a life of possibility and security.

When I think of the challenges of the present, my focus is on the possibilities that lay ahead in the future. And I choose to reject the nightmares that are foisted on me without my consent. Instead, I choose to believe in the possibility of a Golden Age. I choose to believe that the best in humanity has yet to flourish, and that with prompting, with education, and with inspiration, there is much that is good and honorable that awaits us, if we are willing to dream it, create it, and work for it.