Dream your best dream

The science is grim: we have to change our lifestyles, our economies, and likely our politics by 2030 if the human race wishes to avoid wide-scale calamity by 2040.

That’s not a lot of time — 10, 20 years.

Nothing really.

How are we going to do this? How are we going to pull off the most enduring and radical transformation of human society in recorded history?

The only way this will happen is if those of us alive today, who are conscious of the problems ahead, do our very best to make that transition happen.

And that will require every person to dream their best dream.

What do I mean by “dream your best dream”?

Deep down, you have some sense of why you are here. Deep down, you dream about doing something larger and grander than yourself.

I don’t know what that might be. Everyone has their own unique sense of who they are and what they are meant to be doing — their Life’s Work.

Humanity can survive the 21st century and lay the groundwork for a true Golden Age, but only if enough people reject the status quo, listen to themselves, and pursue not only their dreams, but their best dreams.

So I would say to any person who wonders what we can do about the climate crisis and the possibility of human extinction: dream your best dream. Really think about what it is you are here to do.

Think about this a lot, and keep dreaming higher and grander until you get to a place where you can’t dream any higher.

Then, put aside what you are doing, and go and manifest that dream.