Humanity can do better than war

The climate crisis is grim. Humanity may not survive the 21st century.

But there is also another way to look at the climate crisis. You can also look at it as a problem of war.

War and climate change are intimately linked.

Humanity will never be able to solve the climate crisis unless war is discarded as a tool of international politics.

In order to solve the climate crisis, humanity will need to work together and to trust each other.

Trust and cooperation are the opposite of war-making.

Tackling the greatest crisis in human history will, quite practically, require countries to cease the use of unlawful violence and engage in the pacific resolution of disputes.

Thus, it is more urgent than ever for humanity to discard war.

This sounds unbelievable to people. But if it sounds unbelievable, it is because we are all guilty of holding ourselves to very low standards of decency and morality.

We have accepted the fact that in our cities and countries, it is not acceptable human behavior to set up roving gangs to kill, rape and maim each other, taking property at will.

We accept limits to human behavior, and we honor those limits, because we believe in the idea of human civilization.

It is a very short leap to say that what we cannot do in our cities, we also cannot do internationally.

The real obstacle is that there is a lot of money at stake. People make a lot of money in war — in selling weapons, in plunder, in monetizing havoc and suffering.

When there is so much money at stake, there is a lot of propaganda that gets issued, defending war and all of its evil.

But humanity can do better than war.

War is no longer an option, if humanity wants to survive the 21st century.

It is time to mature as a species. Time to grow up, and become civilized.

There is no other choice.