Rebel thinking

We need a totally new, radical type of thinking to survive the 21st century.

Time to discard the old frameworks in favor of rebel thinking.

Here are the fundamentals of a new rebel thinking:

(1) We have to acknowledge the reality that the 7 billion humans alive today are changing the planet, and killing off other life on Earth.

In giving talks and in speaking with others, this is actually something that a lot of people have trouble understanding. It seems unbelievable that humans have the power to alter the Earth, or even to destroy it.

But this is more than an abstract point. This is happening right now.

The old type of thinking tells us that humans can continue with business as usual without consequence.

The new type of thinking tells us that business as usual leads to imminent extinction.

(2) We have to seriously question the motives of people in power.

I have no doubt that every world leader today has been briefed on the coming climate breakdown, and the wars that will ensue as people seek refuge from weather extremes and higher sea levels.

The fact that most world leaders today are taking the drastic actions needed to avoid the worst effects of climate change should give all of us serious pause. Why are they failing to lead? Why are they ignoring the greatest threat to humanity since the Black Death?

The old type of thinking tells us that we should trust our leaders and that they know best.

The new type of thinking tells us that the motives of our leaders should be seriously questioned; they are negligent at best, and nefarious at worst.

(3) We have to explore what seem like “radical” solutions to our problems, but may be in fact our only hope.

We have to explore and implement massive rewilding and reforesting of our ecosystems, and immediate conversion of our economic systems to green, sustainable economies.

We have to pull 1 trillion tons of carbon from the atmosphere and store it, naturally, once more.

We have to convene as a species and put in place a structured and ordered way for people to migrate as rising seas wipe out coast lines.

We have to consider the fact that our current conduct, particularly on an international scale, is unethical, disturbing, and ultimately suicidal.

It’s time to discard the old. Time for the new. Time for rebel thinking.