Are you here to do something big? Then go do it!

Do you have an instinct that you are here to do something big? That you are here to do something really important?

But are you hampered by fear from doing it? Are you afraid you might make a mistake professionally if you pursue that dream? Afraid that you won’t succeed? Afraid that your colleagues might mock you? Afraid that you might end up broke?

Don’t let these fears get in the way of your journey. Here are things to tell yourself as you embark on the Path of the Hero. Maybe one or two of these will resonate with you:

(i) You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams. The biggest regrets in life don’t come from trying and failing. They come from never trying at all.

If you find yourself in a position without too many obligations, and with the ability to take some risk, then listen to that voice inside yourself that is telling you to do something big.

Comfort yourself by knowing that even if you fail, the experiences you will have gained by trying something new are absolutely marketable. And even if it doesn’t work out, you will have at least given it a shot.

(ii) Consider how much wealth and opportunity you have, relative to any other era of human history. Yes, society is not at all perfect, and everywhere around us there is ample evidence of social injustice and inequality.

But consider that 100 years ago, if you were a woman or a person of color, getting into business or owning property would have been almost impossible. For any one alive, disease may have killed you because people didn’t practice simple hygiene. Access to basic staples like clean water, food, or even heating in the winter was a tremendous challenge.

These are things that most of us in rich countries take for granted. In fact, most people living in rich countries live better than a king would have lived 100 years ago. We have to take advantage of the wealth that is around us, everywhere, and use it to make a difference.

(iii) Freedom isn’t free. If you want to be free in this life, you have to fight for it. Freedom is not given to people like a pension at the end of some years, or like a rebate check in the mail. Freedom has to be pried from other people and institutions.

Freedom has to be taken.

And once you have it, you have to fight like hell to keep it.

Money and wealth are important resources on the Path of the Hero, but they do not at all equate to freedom. Many rich people are tied to “golden handcuffs” that keep them tied to soul-sucking jobs in order to generate that wealth. And people who are born rich, and have not earned it -- well, I have yet to meet any one of those people who feels a genuine sense of accomplishment just from that wealth. Only those scions who recognize the value of that wealth in pursuing something deeper are the ones who find contentment. And you or I can do that without rich parents or a deep bank account.

Freedom is an entirely different thing that wealth. And freedom only comes by following your dreams. Freedom only comes through struggle.

(iv) The most important era of human history is right now. The future health of our species is wholly dependent on how we act today.

It is not an exaggeration to state that the future of humanity hinges on whether or not societies and governments can come to grips with the climate crisis, start to change our ways, and end hostilities with one another.

The future depends on as many people as possible walking the Path of the Hero, uncovering their purpose, and producing a unique Life’s Work that will change the course of history. I believe we were all born at this time for this specific reason: because we are the best hope for the future, and for our descendants.