Lose the Sleeping Mind, adopt the Hero Mind

Are you ambitious, and struggling to figure out the best way to have an impact?

Are you not sure what you should be doing with yourself?

My advice: recognize that we are living in an extinction event, and adopt the Hero Mind to realize your true potential.

Leadership in an age of extinction means thinking differently. It means:

  • Coming to grips with the hard reality that the Earth is undergoing an extinction event.

  • Understanding that if nothing is done, a significant part of life on Earth will probably go extinct in the next 100-300 years (and potentially human life).

  • Recognizing that immediate, concrete, and substantial changes to our economic and social systems are the only way to change the future.

If you accept the above, then you will see the world a lot differently than other people. You will understand that this era that we are living in is perhaps the most important era in human history. Our actions this century may quite literally decide the fate of our species, for millennia.

Distinguish between the Sleeping Mind, and the Hero Mind. The Sleeping Mind describes someone who:

  • Only has the goals and objectives that are programmed into them by their culture, society, parents or government.

  • Does things in life, or wants things in life, just because other people are doing those things or wanting those things.

  • Has no separate dreams or ambitions beyond culturally set norms and expectations.

  • Does not feel any need to question the basic “goodness” of the current economic and social structure, regardless of negative effects felt by stigmatized groups (racism, sexism, etc.) or negative effects on the environment.

The Hero Mind describes someone who:

  • Understands that we are living in an extinction event, and thus sets his or her own goals and objectives about what it means to live a meaningful life.

  • Does things in life, or wants things in life, after investing thought and intention into real dreams and desires.

  • Puts in place life-long goals designed to reach his or her true potential, to fight back against extinction and injustice at all costs.

  • Questions the legitimacy, to the core, of a global economic and social system that is producing mass extinction.

If you are frustrated and don’t know what to do with yourself, and are struggling where to go next -- my advice is to discard the Sleeping Mind, and adopt the Hero Mind.

Take the steps necessary to understand your true purpose in an age of extinction.

You were not born to be mediocre. You were born to be a Hero in a time of extinction.