What if the Great Flood was real?

Scientists say that if nothing is done to lower greenhouse gas emissions, the world is set to warm by 3 degrees C by 2100.

If that happens, sea levels could wipe out major coastal cities, including Shanghai, Miami and Alexandria.

Curious that as the world is set to experience major, permanent flooding, there is so little discussion of a story that is told in practically every culture on Earth: the Great Flood, otherwise called the “Flood Myth.”

There’s significant geologic evidence that after the last Ice Age, about 10,000 years ago, there were “gigantic” ancient floods, resulting from glacial ice dams falling apart.

There doesn’t seem to have been a single, worldwide flood, but regional flooding, significant in scale, happening in several places all over the world.

Today, thousands of years later, it seems that ancient myths recorded these geologic events in stories like Noah’s Ark in the Middle East, Deucalion in Greece, or Matsya and Manu in South Asia (to name just a few).

As sea levels are set to rise as much as 20-30 feet, perhaps by the end of this century, how will humans record these events? What are the stories that we will tell to explain to our descendants what happened?

In the myth of Noah’s Ark, God floods the Earth because of human wickedness.

Is it wickedness that condemns the future to destruction? To me, using words like “wicked” or “evil” is a bit of a cop out.

It seems to me that there are human explanations for what is taking place. Things like:

  • The inability to adapt to circumstances that remain “theoretical” and far off in the future, while the time to act is now

  • The inability of people to put aside minor differences to tackle a major problem

  • The inability of those in power to put aside self-interest in favor of responsibility to the common good

Maybe people in the future will come up with a story for what happened -- and why the waters came, and why it got so hot.

If they are honest, there will be a lot blame placed on those of us alive right now.

Justified blame.