Being a Hero in a dark time

If you feel lost in this world, or are unsure of your path; if you feel like the world is a dark and dangerous place; if you have some insight into the fact that those in power are not taking society towards a better direction, but a terrible direction; if you experience any of these things, then know and understand that there is a solution -- and that solution is to undertake the Path of the Hero.

The Path of the Hero is a path that comes about by dedicating ourselves to making the world a better place. And do to that, we focus on our own individual Life's Work -- our unique talents and abilities, which, if cultivated and expressed, can build peace and sustainability. 


Modern life enforces a variety of restrictions on each one of us to prevent us from following a Life's Work. We live in economies that are increasingly stratified, meaning we have to work harder and longer to maintain a standard of living. Cultural and social factors put pressure on people to behave a certain way, or to build a certain type of lifestyle, even if those don't feel right or seem out of place.

And increasingly, technology is being created and distributed that addicts us and controls us. 

If we want to change the world, we have to break free of these restrictions.

We have to understand they only have as much power over us that we choose to give them. 

And then, we have to change the center of our lives to our Life's Work. We have to make a decision that a legacy of living a good, decent life, pushing civilization in a way that comes about from our own inner uniqueness, is something that is worth time and effort. 

When you do those things, you start to walk the Path of the Hero. 

All things are possible on this path.