Leadership in a chaotic time

As times grow more chaotic, the nature of leadership will need to change.

The real, effective leaders of the future will have the following characteristics:

The ability to take a bold stance: Real, effective leadership of the future will require a certain type of moral authority -- an authority that comes from taking a right, but unpopular, stance. It seems as if every politician today is so held together by political data, they refuse to take a bold stance even if it is the right one. That needs to change.

The ability to unify: There are few, perhaps no leaders alive today who can genuinely act as beacons to people of different religious, political or cultural backgrounds. Effective leaders in the future will have to find ways to get people to put aside petty or non existent differences and find solutions to common problems. 

The ability to be imagine: Perhaps the greatest shortfall of our leaders is that they are all bereft of imagination. It is impossible for anyone with a degree of authority to provide a vision of a healthy, happy and sustainable world. Fear dominates our politics; instead of inspiration, our leaders resort to threats of violence, overgrown police powers, and hatred.

Imagination will be what creates a better future -- and we should be looking for leaders who have that in abundance.

What are some leadership traits you think are important for leaders of the future to display?

Inder Comar