Reframing the mid-life crisis to something deeply meaningful

The "mid-life crisis" is so well known it is almost a point of conventional wisdom.

Highly successful people who hit their late thirties, forties and fifties, looking at where the time left, and feeling deeply unsatisfied with their lives -- this is a common experience in Western culture.

But the mid-life crisis does not have to be a joke or a source of anxiety. 

The mid-life crisis is in fact a place of deep power. It is an opportunity to transition into a life that carries meaning.


This is the meaning that comes about by discovering the reason you are here at this time -- your legacy you will leave to make the world a better place.

Modern western lives are filled with abundance, even overwhelming abundance, for many people. Yet the world itself is troubled, and its condition is dire. 

Conflict destroys lives. Species are dying off. And the climate is greatly warming.

The actions of people living today will affect the future for millennia.

The cry of a mid life crisis is a cry for a deeper purpose. It means that there is more work for you to do at this time. It is an inner bell ringing, telling you to think about your true talents and abilities, and to think about what it is you want to accomplish before you pass on.

It is a summoning that it is time to discover your Life's Work and to manifest it. 

Don't be afraid of a mid-life crisis. Listen to it. The world needs you to pay attention.