The Holocene Extinction

You may not know this, but the Earth is under going an extinction event at this time -- the sixth massive extinction in roughly 540 million years

An extinction event means that there is a mass die-off of life on the Earth. 

But in contrast to previous mass die-off events, this one is being caused by us: the human race.

Scientists call this extinction event the "Holocene Extinction." This refers to the fact that it is taking place during the period when humans have dominion over the Earth.

The Earth will survive, of course. The Earth has survived many other extinctions. Life, even advanced life, will regenerate on Earth eventually, long after humans have gone. 

The real question is whether humans will survive.


I believe all of us were born at this time to confront this extinction event. I believe we are all endowed with unique abilities to push the world in a better direction, to stave off mass extinction, to build peace and sustainability, and to create a Golden Age.

I believe that is why each of us is here at this time.

I believe this, because the alternative is truly unthinkable. The alternative is that we are here to witness a mass die-off and collapse, and all the chaos that would accompany those things. 

I believe we have the ability to choose our future, sitting here today. 

And the future I choose to believe in is a future where humanity has committed to changing its ways and setting things right. 

In order to get there, each one of us has to walk the Path of Hero, cultivate our Life's Work, and build a Golden Age.

In this way, we can create a better future -- one that does not involve an extinction event. 

And it is something we absolutely can do -- if we choose to believe in this, to enact it, to create it.