Thinking about a Golden Age

Perhaps if things were normal, and on track, there would be no need to imagine utopia.

But because our world is very clearly regressing, and because dark forces are very clearly ascending, we have no choice but to think about what the world might look like if it could attain perfection: a Golden Age.


I believe it is possible to build a Golden Age -- an era when human dignity and self worth are prioritized over all other things.

First, we have to imagine that such a world is possible. I am talking about the end to discrimination, exploitation, and poverty; the spread of life saving technologies to all people who need them; the creation of economies that power a way of life that is environmentally sustainable and in harmony with the Earth's carrying capacity; and the management of our societies by governments that reflect the genuine will of the people and which preserve and defend human rights.

Second, we have to recognize that our current world is very dark. This is a difficult thing to do, because to admit that we live in a dark time is a scary thing. It means that our hopes and dreams about the future may be incorrect. It means that our fundamental assumptions about the way the world works may be wrong. 

But we to be open to reality. Our environment is near collapse, the climate is radically changing, and democracy is dying. These are symptoms of darkness, not of light. We have to admit how bad the problem is if we want to have any hope of overcoming it.

Then, finally, we have to have faith that hard work can reverse the darkness. And I believe that it can. I believe a unified effort to halt the darkness and to work towards a Golden Age is not only possible, it is mandatory for the survival of the human race. It is why we have been born at this time -- to push back against the darkness. To fight for, and to build, that Golden Age.

What would a Golden Age look like to you? I would love to know your thoughts.