Finding purpose in an age of extinction

Scientists say there is a "great extinction event" going on right now -- the sixth extinction in 540 million years.

The dinosaur extinction is the most famous one. But there have been other ones, too. 

An extinction event means that most life on planet Earth will die out. The Earth survives; the life it hosts, does not. 

Including human life.

One group of scientists believe that humans face a 20% to 30% chance of species extinction by 2070 -- the results of runaway global warming

Fifty years from now is not so far away.

These are not television psychics making these predictions, but well regarded scientists, who submit their findings through the peer review process for debate and discussion by other scientists. 

Their warnings should be taken seriously. In fact, we should assume they are mostly true. 


I believe that those of us alive today are alive for a reason.

That we chose to be alive today because we are the best and final hope for our descendants. 

I believe this is a time of great spiritual awakening.

I know there are some people who will read these words and who will recognize a truth that they have felt for a long time--that they are here for something great and meaningful.

This is an age of extraordinary events. Humanity is on the cusp of leaving its planetary home, but faces the prospect that its home may be totally unlivable within a single human generation. Meanwhile, the nations of the Earth bicker and posture, threatening each other with incredible weapons, which if used, could also very well wipe out the species.

Against this backdrop, I believe our purpose today is to build peace and sustainability. That each person alive today has a special talent and reason for their existence, which must be cultivated, expressed and deployed: a Life's Work.

The direction of humanity will not be altered by the work of one person; but thousands or millions of people who are cultivating a Life's Work, together, in tandem, will prompt a significant and important shift.

Those of us alive today have an important duty -- perhaps the most important duty to ever fall on any one group of people.

And this is quite literally the duty to save life on this planet, and to ensure the survival of the species.

If you have read this, and understand these words -- really understand -- you will already know what you are here to do, and what you need to do, in order to begin a deeply powerful, positive, and remarkable journey towards peace and sustainability.