The science of extinction

How would you live if you were to die in a year's time? 

An interesting question that might make you think about whether you are living your life to the fullest degree possible.

How would you live if you knew that humanity would be extinct in a hundred years? 

Sound implausible? Many scientists don't think so.

The late Steven Hawking thought human extinction was likely in 100 years, and urged colonization of another planet

Separately, a study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography suggested a 5% chance of human extinction by 2050 because of runaway climate change, rising to 20%-30% by 2070

It's one thing to think about the transitory nature of your own, individual existence.

It's quite another to think about the transitory nature of our species.

And these scientists don't take into account a real unknown factor -- whether humanity will, because of its inherent nature, engage in enough tribalism, xenophobia, and demonization of other humans that will lead to a catastrophic war, destroying itself before Nature can do it.


It's an easy thing to box out these warnings from scientists.

We don't want to believe them because they interfere with our preconceived dreams about the good life. 

But I know that if you are reading this, than you are a good, decent and intelligent person. If you are reading this, you are open minded enough to consider that maybe the scientists are right. They are right about a lot of other things. Why would they lie about the science of climate? The science of extinction?

Already, we know from biologists that the Earth is undergoing the Anthropocene Extinction -- the Sixth Extinction Event in our planet's history.

Tens of thousands of species are already going extinct.

Why would humans avoid a similar fate?

When you understand the science of extinction -- when you really realize what it means -- you realize that we who are alive today are truly humanity's last vanguard. That the decisions we make today will not only affect our children, but the entire species, and other forms of life on Earth, for millennia. 

Those of us living today literally carry the destiny of human life in our hands. What an awesome and terrible responsibility!

My reaction to this science has confirmed what I already believe to be the case: that we who are alive today are here because we are the best hope for our descendants.

That we are here to walk the Path of the Hero, and build peace and sustainability. 

How we respond to the science of extinction is a great spiritual test for humanity. It is a test, because the outcome is entirely in humanity's hands.

It will require humans to work together and put aside our war-like ways, in favor of responsibility, mutual aid, and stewardship. Humanity will need to take a leap into a higher wave-length. 

How do we get there? We get there person by person, conversation by conversation, and Hero by Hero.

Do not fear the science of extinction. Honor it for the great spiritual challenge that it represents. Have gratitude that you were born at a time where you had a unique spiritual opportunity, where you could  learn to conquer your fears so that you could become a Hero.

The stakes could not be higher. But do not worry about the outcome. Just take advantage of the spiritual path. That is the most that any of us can do. And it will be enough.