Responding to life's challenges with the Hero Mind

Life presents great challenges. 

Some of the chose challenges are circumstantial. 

Some of them are presented by the acts and intentions of other people, who (through ignorance or ill will) bear malicious intent. 

The Hero Mind is the state of mind that is brought about by cultivating a Life's Work. The person who has activated a Hero Mind sees life's challenges a different way. Instead of seeing them as hindrances to the cultivation of a Life's Work, challenges are seen as opportunities to develop greater insight into reality. And to develop a greater capacity for strength. 

Inner strength brings power. It is is only by being tested, that someone can discover their power.

When confronted with life's challenges--whether  through circumstance, or through the malicious intent of others--I have adopted the below principles. 

I have learned these principles through being a lawyer, and in particular, from the times I am forced into litigation with my clients.

I have seen other lawyers engage in terrible conduct before judges. I have seen the real worst in people through litigation. 

But I have learned that the best way to handle these of situations is through strict commitment to the following principles. These principles have helped me win cases. And if they bring tremendous success in litigation, as they do, I know they will work in any environment.

Principle one: act in a manner that preserves and magnifies one's integrityWhenever we face a problem, we have a choice to make. We can either act out of fear, or we can act from courage.

When we act from fear, the outcome is rooted in fear. And it will eventually become negative for us.

But when we act from courage, we become stronger. We build integrity. And it is integrity that wins every challenge.

How do you know when you act out of fear or out of courage? You have to listen to yourself. Only you will know. Decisions made out of fear produce more fear. Decisions made out of courage produce more courage. If you find yourself continually afraid, then you are making decisions out of fear. If you stay on that path, you will never conquer the challenge in front of you.

When people attack us with malicious intent, they are acting out of fear. If you engage in an arms race with someone peddling in fear, you could very well lose. In contrast, if you fight fear with courage, your victory is assured. Courage always wins over fear. 

Courage builds integrity, and integrity is power. If you have decades of integrity, you are a powerful soul. But be wary -- integrity can be lost, and it is tough to regain. Once you have lost your integrity, you become weak.

Principle two: allegiance to the truth. Every where around us, there are lies. The media lies, the government lies (every government), our parents and teachers and our religious leaders have all lied to us, sometimes blindly, sometimes willfully. 

Sometimes, you may face a challenge that is based on a false understanding of reality. Or you may face an opponent who stoops to lies in order to convince someone that he or she is right. 

In either case, the response to those lies is the same: a strict and unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth. 

Acting in allegiance to the truth is a powerful strategy. Those with the Hero Mind understand that truth has its own power. The truth rings. Truth dispels all lies.

In litigation, the truth becomes impossible to cover up. Lawyers can argue facts, but sometimes, the facts paint only one real picture.

When you are faced with a challenge, you may not understand what is true. You don't need to. Just commit yourself to uncovering the truth, and aligning with whatever is true. In this way, you align your inner light with the far grander light that shines from truth. Truth shines of its own accord. It is only the rainstorm, not the drop of water, that puts out a wild fire. Join forces with the rainstorm.

Principle three: Kindness to self and other. Be kind to your opponent. This is because kindness is strength. Note that I did not say, "be nice." Kindness does not mean to be nice. Far from it. Kindness meets force with force, but only an equal and opposite force. Kindness does not aggress, but it sets boundaries. And it will enforce all boundaries.

All people deserve to be treated with respect and not to have people bully or attack them. Every person deserves to be treated with a common, civic dignity. When someone tries to take that from you, you have every right to respond in a reasonable way to get them to stop. That is what is meant by kindness to self and to other.

Aggression is the chief weakness of every lousy litigator. Aggression loses cases. Kindness wins cases. Kindness is reasonable. Aggression gets sanctioned. Juries vote for the kind case. Not the aggressive one.

When you act with kindness, you act with a fundamental rule of nature. All actions produce an equal and opposite reaction. Kindness is the teaching that says to align with that force. That way, your response carries the power of nature with it. 

With these three principles, victory over any challenge is assured. Try them for yourself. Engage the Hero Mind. Change the world.