Waking up

Enlightenment. Zen. Satori. 

There are a variety of names for it.

I simply call it "waking up." 

Or, another way to phrase it: seeing things the way they are, and not the way you want them to be.

All of us carry with us dreams, desires and fantasies about our present lives, and about the future.

We carry with us ideas about the way the world works. Ideas about the way the world should work.

But these ideas are fictions. They are like a software that is executing a program in our minds. Too many of us mindlessly operate this programming, liking the things we are told to like, hating the things we are told to hate. Not ever really thinking.

I call this the "Sleeping Mind." It is the mind of a person who gets out of bed in the morning, but who has not fully woken up. This is the mind of a person who is sleepwalking in a sort of zombie state through life. This is a person who is always mindless, fantasizing and dreaming and seeing the world through a fiction.

At this moment in history, the survival of our species is not at all assured. Even as we war with each other, we are irrationally married to a lifestyle that is destroying life on this planet, destroying our ecosystem, and warming the world at a fantastic rate.

In a world of tremendous abundance, too many of us remain fixated on our bank accounts, our status, our egos. Look around! The world is on fire.  

Humans are smart. We can change our future. We can clean up the things that need to be cleaned up and preserve our civilization. 

But to do that, we will need to wake up. We need to arise from the slumber of the Sleeping Mind and adopt the Hero Mind. 

The Hero Mind is a mind that is alert, and present. The Hero Mind is not mindlessly executing a program that has been installed by someone or something else -- parents, history, consumer media, culture. The Hero Mind thinks for itself and sees the world in a new way every single day.

When you exit the dream state, particularly from a vivid dream, you will sometimes be amazed at how real the dream felt. But you know, somehow, that you are no longer dreaming. You can tell the difference.

It is the same when you wake up from the Sleeping Mind. When you have woken up, and when you enter the state of the Hero Mind, it is the same way. You will know the difference. You will be able to tell. And you will look around and see how many people are still sleeping.

Once you have woken up, you will be stirred to action to save this precious planet, to save the tremendous beauty that surrounds us, and to civilize and better humanity. All people who have the Hero Mind are the same in that way. They are aligned in a larger goal to build peace and sustainability. They are aligned in a singular mission of preserving and celebrating human civilization. 

Take these words to heart. It is time to wake up.