Getting rid of daily anxiety

We can live our best lives possible, and do it in a way where we don't feel tied down by anxiety every day!

Let's talk about fear and compare and contrast it to anxiety.

Fear is actually something useful. It's part of our genetic make up as humans. 

But when fear gets out of control, it becomes anxiety, or even panic.

Fear will never go away. And we should be glad that it doesn't!

Fear is actually a friend. Fear's job is to warn us about risk. 

But we have to teach ourselves never to let Fear take the driver's seat. Fear is a friend, but it cannot be a master.

If we let Fear take too much control, it turns into anxiety. Anxiety is crippling, it's a terrible feeling!

There is an anxiety epidemic in the U.S., and probably in a lot of other countries.

We live in a hyper-individualistic society, highly atomized, where families are frayed and friends few.

People are economically struggling and stagnating.

Consumerism tells us that we are flawed and imperfect, and need to buy something to fix ourselves.

We can learn to tame and control our anxiety, and just keep it at fear. We learn to manage in an anxiety-inducing culture and world. Here's how:

(i) Learn to see fear as a friend. When you start to feel afraid our anxious, don't chase out the feeling or hide from it. Sit with it. Ask it, like you would a friend on the phone, "Hi there, Fear. What is it you are trying to tell me?" And then let the emotion respond. You will absolutely get an answer. Your fear will tell you what it is it wants to tell you. Then, thank it! And send it off.

I know it might sound weird to speak to an emotion, but this absolutely works. Try it for yourself.

This leads to another point:

(ii) Learn to recognize your anxiety and panic triggers. The worst part about being in an anxiety spiral or panic attack is you don't actually recognize it sometimes until it's long over! 

So the first thing we need to do is understand when we are being triggered. And even better, we need to be able to train ourselves to recognize when we're having an anxious moment!

This is next level training, but it is absolutely possible.

If you can learn your triggers, and recognize when you're having an anxiety spiral or panic attack, you can learn to remove a lot of anxiety from your life.

(iii) Understand you are living in an anxious time. Finally, it's important you realize and recognize that you are living at a time where anxiety is at an all time high. This is a challenging era for every single human being alive today. And it will probably only get worse!

So, give yourself credit early and often for your victories. Give yourself credit when you can stay calm through an anxious moment. Give yourself credit when you can start to recognize anxiety and panic.

When you learn to treat fear as your friend, fear will stop turning into anxiety. Fear will be there, in your life, every day -- but only as an advisor, never as a monster. 

Once you learn to be calm, you will see the world with new eyes. You will see reality --  you will really see it. You will see the urgency in rebelling against a flawed and exploitative system. You will feel compelled to build peace and sustainability. This, I guarantee.