We are all here to have a positive impact

I don't have faith in any particular god or religion. But I do have faith in the power of humans to create their own miracles through intention and hard work. 

I have faith that if more people become attuned to the truth that they can make a difference in fighting the challenges of the day, we would see masses of people immediately reorienting their lives in order to change things for the better.

The problems of our era are grave. This is the era of the Sixth Great Extinction in Earth's history -- what some people call the Anthropocene Extinction, referring to humanity's incredible role in altering Earth's climate and ecosystems.

Environmental problems will soon get worse, and quickly so. Governments will strain to support their people in the face of growing ecological, social and political problems.

While all of that is true, I believe that we are all here to have a positive impact. We are all alive today because we are the best hope for ourselves, and for our descendants. Each of us has a unique gift and talent, which, if fully cultivated, could become a powerful tool in the fight to impact our shared destiny. 

Entrepreneurship is an amazing way to cultivate these special talents, because it can give a person the time and independence to do things in a unique way. Entrepreneurship, combined with an intention to benefit the world in a positive way, thus becomes a modern spiritual path

I know that sometimes it seems hopeless, or that people don't seem to be listening. But for people who are better attuned to reality, it is not our job to try to drown out propaganda, or even to convince anyone of anything in particular. It is simply our job to do what it is we are here to do, certain in the conviction that we can lead by example. When we live our lives in harmony and in the rhythm of our own positive wavelength, the Earth starts to change. Ever so slowly, people may even tune into our frequency. 

That is really our task at this time. From the noise of chaos, we can create the music of a different era, of a true Golden Age. In the face of ignorance, anger and greed, we can live in stillness and in fidelity to a simple faith that the world will change for the better -- if enough of us want it to.