We need a new way of life!

There's a giant red light ahead for the human race. Everything about the way we live today is just not sustainable. And we have to change the way we are living.

Life is very comfortable today for a small group of people. But these comforts use up too much energy, and are producing too much carbon. Today, every country wants to live a life of abundance built on fossil fuels. But we need to change our ways. We need a new way of life! Here's way:

(i) Our current future is a future of extinction! This is not my opinion, this is the factual conclusion of more than fifteen thousand (15,000) scientists, who in November 2017, issued a "second notice to humanity," urging humans to change their ways.

The scientists noted that humanity had "unleashed a mass extinction event, the sixth in roughly 540 million years, wherein many current life forms could be annihilated or at least committed to extinction by the end of this century."

The extinction event walks hand-in-hand with the climate crisis. If nothing is done, we are currently on track to raise global temperatures by 3C-5C degrees by the end of the century.

Our current way of life is just not sustainable. It uses too much fossil fuels. It is not in harmony with Nature. And if nothing is done, Nature will remove humanity. Very simple.

(ii) Leaders and governments are ignoring the threats. At a time when urgent government and leadership is needed, governments are doing nothing. They are talking about anything but these urgent problems.

Instead, what have leaders and governments given us? Fiction! War is sold as the answer to all our problems, even as human rights are increasingly violated, and leaders walk free after committing terrible crimes. No one in power is doing anything to handle the real, serious threats that lay ahead.

And even worse, the current political debate is not at all interested in dealing with these issues! No one is advocating the real change we need to resolve the climate crisis and prevent human extinction. No one wants to admit that there is a giant problem that needs to be solved.

(iii) We need to imagine a new way of life. If governments won't do anything, then it falls to every day people to push for a new way of life.

I call that process imagining the Golden Age.

Can we imagine a world in which we have built peace and sustainability?

Can we imagine a world where democratic values are ascendant?

Can we imagine a world where our economies provide not just for basic human needs, but also the security and resources for us to truly cultivate ourselves? 

We live in a global social system where finite resources are extracted and manufactured, and then the waste products of those products are discarded back into the environment. This is a totally unsustainable system! This will lead to environmental collapse. And environmental collapse will produce social collapse.

Let's imagine a new way of life. Let's think about the Golden Age. Let's go out and build peace and sustainability. Let's build a world where every human being can live a life of dignity. Otherwise, we are just committing ourselves to annihilation. We can do better!