Finding the courage to lead for social impact

Many of today's problems are rooted in a tremendous failure of leadership.

Instead of providing imaginative, positive solutions to problems, leaders of all stripes -- whether they are in business, in our politics, in religion, or in our culture -- have comforted themselves in bringing out the worst in themselves, and also in those they claim to lead. 

Our leaders today cling to outdated technologies; divide people, and bring out the worst in them; are xenophobic and racist; have little or no concern for the common good; and are failing to prepare all of us for the greatest challenge that our species has ever faced: the coming climate crisis, and the possibility of human extinction in 100 years

We must do better.

We live at a time where leaders have to play an important, even pivotal role, in preserving our civilization and in laying the ground work for a Golden Age.

Leadership in the 21st century must mean more than the number of followers you have on your social media apps. 

Leadership means being honest with people, telling them the actual problems that they face, and providing positive, impactful solutions that will make a genuine difference in uplifting those people's lives.

Thus, my challenge to people who find themselves in positions of leadership -- as executives, as elected officials, a cultural phenomena -- is to think about a positive movement that is greater than themselves.

The human race simply will not survive the next 100 years without leaders thinking hard about what it means to be loyal to a world premised in positive principles, and to give their followers a vision of that future. 

This will take courage. This will take courage because too often, leaders are incentivized to do the opposite, or to just take an easy route. But we don't have that luxury any more. We don't have the luxury to avoid talking about a positive future. We no longer have that choice. We have to start to build that positive future, or else, the Earth will simply wipe us out -- sooner than we think.