Being free, being a hero

We are born to be free. It is really that simple.

And I believe that the essential purpose of freedom is to be in service to others. To help benefit the species.

Freedom is useless, or even a curse, if it is not used for noble ends.

We think material abundance brings about happiness, but just read about the latest celebrity suicide or drug overdose to realize that fame and money are not vehicles to a lasting sense of joy.

Only by being of service to others can a person find meaningful and lasting contentment.

In these times, the highest service that exists is to fight in defense of a dignified future for the human race.

Every where, human dignity is threatened. In time, human life itself will not at all be ensured on this planet.

Our species has developed fabulous technologies that can prolong health, make communications instantaneous, and even take people to outer space.

But the technologies that we need to define and set standards for our moral and ethical behavior: these have not kept up.

They have even regressed to more barbaric times.

It is the task of thinking people today to fight for a dignified future for all of humanity.

And the only way to do that is to follow one’s deep instincts. Each of us is here for a reason. We were born at this time to fulfill a deep and powerful destiny.

But that destiny is only triggered through choice. We each have to choose to fulfill our own destinies. And that means deciding to be free.

That is a scary thing. Because the road of real freedom is not a comfortable road. It is filled with uncertainty. It is filled with fear.

But is the only real way.

I know there are people who feel like I do. People who feel that they were born to do something other than plug into a parasitic system that is now quickly putting an end to life on Earth.

This is the time where you have to listen to that inner voice. Where you have to unplug from what others are doing or saying. Where you walk your own path and become not only free, but a Hero as well.

It is interesting and poetic that the same process that sets a person free is the same process, writ large, that will save our species from extinction.

What is it you are here to do?

Figure that out. And then, go do it!