Can humanity unite itself?

There is no hope for the survival of our species so long as humanity considers itself divided, and so long as humanity gives itself permission to kill one another.

The only way to avoid species extinction in the next few hundred years (if not sooner) is for humanity to unite.

Only be working together, and cooperating, can humanity solve the climate crisis and take the necessary and urgent steps to halt and reverse the Sixth Great Extinction.

Here are things that we can do to unite humanity:

  • We must develop a species consciousness -- it is up to every one of us to develop a species consciousness. Yes, we can and should celebrate human diversity and the different communities that we all belong to. But we should also always carry with us the sentiment that we are all members of one single species. We have to see one another as cousins. And while we may not like each other all the time, we do have to acknowledge the basic truth that each of us is entitled to basic dignities and protections simply by being a human, no matter where we are born.

  • We must enact a unified plan to stabilize the climate -- Since the 1990s, countries have been in continuous dialogue about the problems created by the use of fossil fuels and the warming of our planet. These talks have not done enough. The Paris Agreement is insufficient to stabilize the climate. There has been a complete lack of political will to implement the radical changes we need to truly stabilize the planet. Now, there is not much time left to avert total planetary disaster. Humanity must enact a unified, species-wide plan to stabilize the climate, or it will perish.

  • We must create a world that is at peace, that is restorative, and that permits true freedom. For us to avoid extinction, we must commence a wide scale restoration and healing of the planet writ large. We have to implement economies that are restorative, and we also have to restore the planetary ecosystem itself. We have to commit our politics to the protection and expression of a genuine human freedom -- the freedoms to express ourselves and say what we think, yes, but also the freedoms that come from having basic necessities provided for, such as health care, housing and education. This must be done at a planetary scale.

If humanity can unite itself, it will survive and flourish for centuries to come.

If humanity refuses to unite, then it will perish -- perhaps even this century.