Have faith in something greater than yourself

The great demon of this age is apathy.

If humanity fails to solve the climate crisis, and runaway climate change becomes a reality, it will be because we failed to imagine a better world.

We have to imagine a better future, first, before we can go out and build it.

And right now, imagination is lacking.

One thing we could all do a little better job of doing is having faith in something greater than ourselves.

This doesn’t have to be a religious belief. It could be a faith in a common cause, faith in an outcome, or even faith in one another.

Here are some of the things I have faith in:

  • I have faith that any one person can make the world a better place

  • I have faith that there are people who were born in this age, whose job it is to help humanity avert great calamity in the next few decades

  • I have faith that if enough people awake to their purpose of why they are here at this time, and find each other, we will be able to avoid the worst of the climate crisis and protect life on Earth

  • I have faith that I was not born to watch extinction. Rather, I was born to create a Golden Age

What are the things you believe in? What are the elements of your faith? If you are struggling to come up with something, then think about this.

There are days when faith is the only fuel I have to keep positive. Faith is the only bedrock you may have in these times. Make sure to utilize it.