Here is the reason we do nothing do stop climate change

Humanity has answers to stabilize the climate. We could stabilize the climate today, if we wanted to.

But we won’t. Not today, not tomorrow. Perhaps not ever.

The reason is that meaningful solutions to climate change will require us to change our lifestyles in ways that we just don’t want to do.

To stabilize the climate, it’s not enough to go carbon neutral. We have to go carbon negative. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses have to be removed from the atmosphere.

Our current way of life is set up to extract resources, manufacture and sell them, and to expel waste and pollution products as negative externalities.

To go carbon negative, we will need to do the opposite of that.

We will need to have ways of life that are restorative to the planet.

Are we prepared to do that?

At a personal level, this might mean having to learn a new skill or trade, or moving to a different location.

At a social level, this will mean a greater harmony and distribution of wealth such that resources can be best spent on restoration.

At an international level, this will mean doing away with imperial models of political domination, in favor of international cooperation, technology transfer, and shared governance.

Are we prepared to make these shifts?

What is the alternative? Doing nothing means we can continue with our current lifestyle for another 5, 10, 15 years tops.

By that time, I suspect the symptoms of large scale ecosystemic collapse and the climate breakdown will be so severe, that societies will start to strain and buckle.

Large scale people movements will create the greatest refugee movement in history.

Millions will suffer, and perhaps die, in ways that we could avoid if we take action today.

Like it or not: change is coming. It’s a question of whether we take control of the situation today, and change our ways to minimize burdens and suffering; or whether we let the Earth force those changes upon us, and ultimately, drive us to extinction.

The choice seems easy, from that perspective.