Leadership skills in an age of extinction

On the Path of the Hero, you will need to learn to be a leader.

This is unavoidable.

As someone who has chosen a different path, and who will illuminate the way for others, you will almost by definition be someone that other people will look to, and look up to.

You will have followers, and people who will seek your guidance.

This does not mean you have to be perfect. There is no such thing as perfection.

But it does mean you will need to develop certain characteristics of leadership that many leaders today don’t bother to cultivate.

Here are at least three characteristics of leadership in an age of extinction:

(i) Unassailable integrity. You will need to develop a type of integrity that is like a mountain, and impeccable.

What does that mean?

Integrity means living by an honorable code of conduct. But it also means having the ability to admit when you have done wrong, and trying your best to do right.

Integrity means that you are constantly learning, and discarding old ways of thinking that are outdated.

Integrity means being honest, fair, and true.

Unfortunately, there are not many people like that in leadership positions today. You will need to be the opposite of those people.

(ii) Deep courage. You will need to develop a deep and enduring courage.

Every day you walk the Path of the Hero is a new day. And newness always brings with it fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear that you will make a mistake.

Fear that arise from places you can’t even identify.

There is no permanent solution or remedy to fear. Fear is part of being human.

The only response to fear is courage. It is only be facing fear, walking with fear, and having a deep trust in the universe--that everything will work out in the proper way--this is the only real way to manage fear.

Fear can be like a wild animal: left alone, it will scream and holler, break and damage things, and run amok.

You have to address fear like you would anything that is wild. You have to tame it, and sit with it, and be with it.

This is an ongoing affair. But once you get used to it, you will discover a deep courage that you can use in every aspect of your life.

(iiii) The ability to unite. Leaders in this time must learn to unite warring peoples. This sounds easy, but it is not.

Our systems, economics and societies are designed to keep people apart and angry with each other.

People make a lot of money dividing people up and making them hate each other.

This is a strategy as old as the most ancient of empires. In Rome, they would say “divide et impera”: divide and rule.

You will need to develop the strategies to find people who are at war and to unite them to a common cause.

The problems facing humanity are dire and deep. Only by uniting as a species will we be able to solve them.

Find common ground and gain the trust of each side. Work with them to build bridges to each other. Encourage dialogue.

And do it quickly. There is not much time left to avoid a terrible, planetary collapse.