Only peace will save our species from extinction

We are in the midst of the Sixth Great Extinction in Earth’s history. Even as life is being extinguished, the climate is rapidly changing, and becoming more inhospitable to human life.

This is the gravest era in the history of humanity.

Whether or not the species will exist in a few hundred short years--that destiny is being determined right now.

Only ideologies of restoration will save our species from extinction.

And what is more restorative than peace?

Inner peace, yes, but also outer peace -- peace between people, between countries.

War is destructive. Peace is restorative.

The Sixth Great Extinction is a real challenge for our species. Fundamentally, I consider it a spiritual challenge.

Can humanity rise up and change its ways to avoid being extinguished?

Do we really deserve to inhabit this planet?

The solutions to climate change and of the extinction event taking place will require humanity to unify as it has never done before; and to commit to the resolution of international problems in a manner that is truly efficient, fair, and restorative to the planet.

To get there, countries of the Earth will have to put down their weapons and engage in dialogue. Real dialogue.

And there will need to be compromises and settlements of big issues.

The powerful will have to make concessions to the powerless.

The greedy will have to amend their ways and learn the benefits of satisfaction and what it means to have enough.

I honestly don’t know if humanity will have the wherewithal do to this.

But humanity will not survive without this type of peace.

I have faith that by simply working for peace, peace will find a way.

Work for peace and sustainability with all your might. It’s not yours or mine to determine the outcome of such efforts. Trust that these efforts, if done with a committed heart, will be enough.

That is the most we can do.