Reforestation and rewilding: solutions to extinction

We can halt and reverse the Sixth Great Extinction. We can halt and reverse climate change.

But to do that, we will need to change our thinking. We will need to live our lives totally differently.

The fastest and most meaningful way to reverse the tremendous damage humanity has done to the planet would be to implement a planetary-wide policy of ecosystemic restoration.

And by this, I specifically mean massive reforestation and rewilding, at a continental scale.

Whole swaths of the Earth must be restored into a large, global commons, and left alone in a natural state, or perhaps augmented in ways that promote environmental recovery and ecosystemic harmony.

Reforestation is critical because trees will remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Rewilding is critical because humanity needs to create and promote spaces for the other species on this planet to recover and thrive as they wish.

Our species must also focus on building livable, sustainable cities, and preparing for the unavoidable rise of sea levels that will happen even in a best-case climate change scenario.

A “Golden Cities” project could be initiated, in which the great cities of the world assist and help each other to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, such as people movements, food needs and other challenges.

The governments of the world could also initiate a project on the scale of the Apollo Project or Manhattan Project, but, to capture and sequester whatever carbon cannot be removed from the atmosphere through reforestation.

Our lives would be different in this type of world.

But I think they would be better.

We would be creating the sustainable, livable world that we also need in order to thrive as humans.

We would be discarding, by necessity, a flawed economic and social model that got us into this mess in the first place. And by this model, I might describe it as something like corporate / war capitalism, or maybe corporate / war imperialism.

I don’t know what or how to describe the alternative I have described above. Maybe it’s better not to have labels, because people fight too often over labels.

Maybe just refer to it as a vision of the Golden Age.