Tame, restore, educate

We live today in an Age of Heroes. Those people who can discover their Life’s Work, their true purpose of being here today, can unlock their true destiny.

They can choose to walk a different path.

In so doing, they liberate themselves, and they can help save the species from extinction.

If you are walking the Path of the Hero, perhaps you wonder, what should be your goals and aims?

You should listen first to yourself, but I can share with you the mantra I have for me.

That mantra is “tame, restore, educate.” These are the three steps I see towards creating a Golden Age.

Tame: We need to tame so much of the damage that is being caused on the planet today.

In particular, we need to tame those governments and corporations that are polluting and destroying with abandon.

They have become like dragons destroying the countryside.

If nothing is done, they will destroy everything.

The first step in creating the Golden Age is to go out and to tame these dragons.

We must promote peace at an international level. And we must insist that corporations stop causing damage to the planet.

And perhaps most importantly, we have to tame the fears and demons that each of us live with and encounter in our own lives.

If we cannot tame our own fears, we will be unable to tame those things and entities which exist outside of ourselves.

Thus the first action of the Hero must be to tame him- or herself. Then, and only then, can the Hero understand how to tame others.

Restore: In conjunction with taming, as Heroes, we must start to heal the damage that has been caused for the last 100 years.

There is a lot of damage everywhere.

Not just environmental damage, of which there is a lot. But also personal and cultural damage.

Damage to each of us, as well.

Just as with the process of taming, those of us on this Path must take special care to restore ourselves. We will not really know how to restore those things around us unless we have taken time to restore ourselves, as well.

Educate: Finally, we have to show others what we have learned. We have to be open books and help others walk this Path, so that as many Heroes as possible are walking the Earth at the same time.

We must build schools and academies for people to come and learn from us so that this message of taming, restoring, and educating can continue long after our deaths.

The Earth will continue to change and humanity will still be at risk for another 100 years. Thus, we must create the lasting doctrines (but not dogmas) that will outlive us so that others can continue the work.

This will be an age that will be written about in epic tales one thousand years from now. But whether those epic tales are filled with tragedy, sorry and loss; or hope, redemption, and triumph -- that will be for us to decide.