You are almost certainly in denial about how climate change will affect your life

I can safely say that you are almost certainly in denial about climate change.

I can say that, because I, personally, am in denial about climate change, and I study and look at this issue practically every day.

With little being done to mitigate the worst effects of the climate breakdown, we have to speak openly and honestly about the changes to come.

Here are three things we should accept as hard reality:

(i) Climate change will bring about the largest migration in human history. People are going to head to the poles to escape rising humidity, heat, and drought in areas closer to the equator. Many areas of the Earth are not going to be livable. Researchers suggests that climate change is already a driver in migration to rich countries.

Migration will only increase in the days and years to come, commensurate with sea level rise and temperature increases.

(ii) The planet in 2050, and in 2100, will look very different than the planet today. Many of the climate studies predict that by 2100, the Earth may have warmed 3-4 degrees C under a “business-as-usual,” nothing-is-done scenario.

An Earth that is 3 degrees warmer is not going to look anything like the Earth today. Sea levels will be 20 to 30 feet higher; cities will be underwater; the Arctic could be mostly ice free; and, as already noted, there will likely be massive migration to the poles in order to escape collapsing ecosystems everywhere else.

In thinking about 2050 or 2100, you should assume that the Earth is going to look and behave very differently. It will not be the Earth of today. You need to have this mindset--that you are going to live on a different planet in the days to come--if you want to be able to successfully adapt to the changes that are coming.

(iii) To preserve civilization, humanity needs to immediately change its ways. We need a fundamental, massive, and immediate shift in our economies and in our societies if we wish our civilization to survive the changes to come.

Our economies have to be restructured so that they are restorative and in harmony with the planet.

Countries will likely have to implement continental-wide reforestation and rewilding programs, in tandem with technological innovations in carbon sequestration.

This is not going to be at all easy. But it will have to be done, if civilization, and humanity, hopes to survive.