By finding peace ourselves, we can heal the planet

The most important way we can really help the world at this time is to do the hard work of healing ourselves, and finding peace within.

Here is what I mean by finding peace:

Finding peace means moving on from past trauma. Moving past trauma can be a great challenge for many of us. First, we have to remove ourselves from current triggers to trauma. Then, we have to let ourselves heal.

By healing, we give ourselves the option to discover a deeper capacity for joy. Joy is one of the pillars of peace. A world with joy is a world at peace.

Finding peace means discovering our purpose in this Age of Extinction -- our Life’s Work, and the legacy we will leave behind once we pass on. We are all here to do something in the name of preserving and defending our shared civilization.

We were born at this time, because we had a reason to be here.

By discovering and cultivating our Life’s Work, we align our inner lives with the cosmos. And we find a deep joy, knowing that our life’s everyday moments are dedicated towards a higher calling, a higher destination.

Finding peace means trying our best, content that we may never know the outcome. We may never know whether the path we walk will produce a good outcome. We may never know whether our efforts to pacify and civilize will make any difference.

But we do this work anyway, with joy in our hearts, because it is what we are here to do. The outcome is not for us to decide. The outcome is not in our hands. We only have control over our effort. Let the gods decide the outcome.