Embracing the cause of peace

I will never be afraid or embarrassed to be an advocate of global peace.

I completely and totally reject the idea that countries have to engage in war.

And I reject the use of war as a tool of international politics, as a means of exploiting others, as a means of domination and colonization.

What surprises me, actually, is how little peace is favored in the world today.

People, particularly in rich countries, seem content with the way things are.

Today, we openly accept a world where countries invade and meddle in weaker places; where innocent people suffer; where nuclear warheads are still pointed at each other; where violence is the rule, not the exception.

I reject the idea that promoting peace is a form of weakness. I think it is the opposite. To advocate for peace in these times requires a deep courage and bravery.

It is not so much the war and conflict that surprises me; it is the indifference that I find so troubling, so raw.

So many people today are indifferent to the violence that we live in. And they bring that attitude of indifference to everything else.

Perhaps it is why there is such indifference to the climate breakdown as well: a person who already accepts arbitrary violence, may just be willing to accept the arbitrary suffering that will follow with a generalized social breakdown.

It is time to reject indifference and to be bold in what we believe in.

I am proud to embrace peace. I encourage you to do the same. With peace, we can prepare ourselves for the days ahead, and the changes to come.

It is the peacemakers who will hold the light, who will act as teachers and guides for those who are not prepared. Let us prepare ourselves in the cause of peace.