Ending our world’s spiral into chaos

The world is spiralling out of control, that much is certain.

Grim news about climate change is a daily occurence.

The Sixth Great Extinction takes place in the background.

Governments have turned unstable and war-like.

Is it even possible to give our civilization a soft landing?

Yes, I think so. But there are three things to think about, in order to end the world’s spiral into chaos:

(i) We have to acknowledge the reality that things are not in good shape. People are really suffering and struggling, even as the global environment and and our societies are also coming apart. It’s long past time all of us confronted the harsh reality that things are not in good shape, and that they are getting worse.

To cure the patient, we must acknowledge the disease.

(ii) We have to have faith that we can make a difference. It seems daunting or impossible at times to even think that the world can change, but it absolutely can. The genesis of all positive change is faith -- faith that any person can make a difference.

In order to leave a positive impact on this world, start with having faith that whatever actions you take, however small they may seem, could bring about a giant change.

(iii) We have to be open to change. This might be the hardest thing to do on this list. Over the years, we become desensitized to the abuses we suffer. As time goes on, it becomes scarier to think about a fresh start, because we are afraid that such newness might bring with it new forms of pain.

But to really be free, we have to be willing to let go of the things in the present that cause us harm. We have to be willing to discard old habits in favor of new things. We are all entitled to joy. Sometimes, joy only comes through change.

If we can all become a little more flexible, we might have the ability to undertake those changes we need to give our world a soft landing. Transitioning to a world where have solved the climate crisis, where democracy thrives, and where we respect each others’ freedom -- we will have to work for that world, and make changes along the way.