Is it already too late to avert human extinction?

The science of human extinction is in its infancy, even younger than the science of climate change. Neither science is particularly optimistic.

There is an intimate link between the two. Science is rediscovering what indigenous people have known for tens of thousands of years: humanity is not separate from Nature. Humanity is a part of nature.

When we destroy Nature, we destroy ourselves.

Now, there is a hurried focus on the human relationship with Nature, and how humanity will be impacted by the Sixth Great Extinction, now underway.

The science is grim, and I have accepted the sad reality that we may actually have already triggered an extinction event that may, in fact, be impossible to stop.

If nothing is done to change our ways, I view the collapse of our current global civilization as inevitable. By 2050, if not earlier, this will be obvious to most of us.

This is the future that we currently walk. So I have made it my mission to change the future as best I can.

Can I succeed? I’m not sure. But that is not my place to decide. The results are not up to me. The only thing I have control over is whether I will sit back and watch the world slide into chaos, or whether I will try and do something about it.

What am I doing about the crises of our day? I am writing about them, teaching young people and other lawyers about them, and will soon be litigating these issues in court.

I am trying to use every waking moment to try and impact the future. It takes a toll on me. I wish I could sit back and ignore things, and pretend they weren’t happening. I wish I could build a life of relaxation and sensual gratification. But to do that, in age of extinction, seems not only immoral, but also absurd.

I know if you enjoy my writing, that you are probably in tune with the terrible things taking place around you. I know it is hard. But focus on what it is that you can do to also change the future. Focus on the efforts you can make. Don’t worry about the outcome. The outcome is not for us to decide. Do what you can, as hard as you can. Make every effort. If enough people do this, it may be enough.