Reconnecting with yourself to walk the Path of the Hero

To build the Golden Age, we must have the courage to discover our Life’s Work -- the reason we are alive today.

To discover our Life’s Work, we have to walk the Path of the Hero.

The Path of the Hero is a modern spiritual path. Each of us was born at this time to help divert our world from impending disaster.

Each of us is here to serve each other in some way.

The Path of the Hero is the path we walk to enact that purpose.

To walk the Path of the Hero, you have to reconnect with yourself, your true nature. Here are three tips to do that:

(i) Listen to your emotions, even the negative ones. We have been taught to ignore our negative emotions (anger, sadness, grief) and to “power through” them, and to keep up a facade that everything is ok.

But in fact, things are not at all ok. Things are in a terrible state. Our emotions recognize that in their own way.

Listen to what your emotions are telling you. If certain people or circumstances make you feel angry, anxious or sad, you need to honor that, and either change those relationships or find new and better ones.

On the path of life, your emotions are a compass. You discover your Life’s Work by finding and doing those things that bring you joy. If you are trapped in a place of negative emotion, change your life so that you can let in more joy.

(ii) Understand that life is about service. Humans did not evolve as solitary creatures. Humans evolved as part of small groups, as part of families and tribes. Every person had to play a role in order for the group to survive.

Cooperation is part of our DNA. And whether we live in small groups or in giant civilizations, the same DNA, the same evolution, is at work. We are born to provide a service to others, to help others so that we, too, can survive. Finding our Life’s Work is about discovering what that is, and figuring out the best way we can be of service to others.

Figure out your “mission statement.” What is it you are here to do? Write it down in a single sentence. This mission statement becomes your map towards charting the Path of the Hero.

Your mission statement may change over time. That’s fine. It’s not meant to be written in stone.

My current mission statement is that, “I help people solve complex problems with integrity.” I have that on my business card, and it is what I tell my potential new clients. If you work with me, this is what you get. This is how I will be useful to you. I know how to solve problems, and I do it well and in an ethical manner that paves the way for future success. This is what I do.

(iii) Have the courage to walk a different path. Fear will always be with you when you walk the Path of the Hero. You need to learn to see fear as a friend and a teacher. You have to sit with fear and listen to it, but never be overwhelmed by it.

Walking with fear requires courage. Courage is built through a combination of patience, faith, and strength.

Be the inspiration for other people to see that we need to live differently, that we have to change our ways if we want to survive and flourish this century.

Don’t be afraid that what you are doing is not what others are doing. Your Life’s Work will bring you joy, and it will also be useful to others. And if you are useful to others, and are in service to others, life will bring you the things you need to live comfortably.

Only you can give yourself the courage to walk the Path of the Hero. The path is open to you, it waits for you every single day. You can walk down it at any time. And once you do, your life will change forever.