Self care on the Path of the Hero

The Path of the Hero is a path of joy.

And there can be no joy if you haven’t taken care of yourself.

In the religions of the previous era, all the “good guys” sacrifice to the point of killing themselves.

They tell us stories like, “Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins.”

Or that the Buddha gave up his kingdom and his family to find Enlightenment.

Find any spiritual leader, and they seemed to have given up and arm and a leg to give us truth.

But this is not the right way.

This is not a path of joy.

As you walk the path of the Hero, give yourself time for you. Here is what I mean:

Make sure you are treating your body right. Eat well, sleep right, exercise. These things are very important. Your body is the vessel in which your consciousness resides. You must treat the body right. Make time to take care of it.

Listen to your emotions. If you are in emotional pain, take the time to recover. Don’t mask the pain with drugs, work, or sensory stimulation. Your emotions can recover, and you can heal, but first you have to diagnose the source of the trauma and deal with it.

Follow your bliss. This is an ancient saying, derived from the Sanskrit, Satchitananda. Do those things that bring you a deep happiness, a profound sense of joy and wholeness.

You will know the difference between those things that are lasting, that bring you peace; and those things that are temporary, that only excite the senses but don’t bring joy to the heart. Sensory pleasure is a wonderful thing, but don’t ever confuse it for the real transcendence that we are capable of.

Take care of you. If you are not well, you cannot help others. Only by healing yourself can you heal the world.