The spiritual crisis of the Sixth Great Extinction

The Age of Extinction presents tremendous physical and material challenges.

It is also represents a deep spiritual crisis.

Our world is in trouble today because of human activity. And, generally speaking, the human activity that got us in this mess is a disconnection from the limits of the natural world.

We can solve these problems. We can move beyond this extinction event. But we will need to change.

We will have to develop a greater connection to each other and to the Earth. We will need to see the wisdom in leaving some of the Earth off limits, and in sharing the planet with other life forms. We will have to take responsibility for the almost endless amount of garbage and trash that has been generated by human activity, and we will have to clean it up.

Our global economic system will need to shift away from consumer capitalism, to a system that maintains balance and harmony with the larger planetary system. This will be a good thing, and ultimately liberating. We will create societies where life is about pursuing our passions and cultivating our consciousness, not about the endless quest for more material resources. Material need can be extinguished, and we can create societies where people have the time to pursue creative, professional, or other endeavors, free from want.

Our political order will need to evolve. Governments will need to lay down their arms and build an enduring, perpetual peace. This is not world government: this is a species consciousness, where every member of the human species understands that our fate is a collective one. We live and die together on this Earth.

We can emerge from the Sixth Great Extinction with a more meaningful sense of cosmic power, and a deeper understanding that we are truly spiritual beings who are here to experience life and discover our place in this vast universe.

But to get there, we will need to change our ways.

Can we?